Get A Content View Breakthrough On LinkedIn

Get A Content View Breakthrough On LinkedIn

Power Up Your LinkedIn Presence With More Content Views

LinkedIn is more than a place to post your digital resume, it’s a powerful content platform that can put you in front of ideal clients or potential referral partners at no cost. The four view-boosting rules below can give you more engagement with less effort.

1. Long-form status updates

Long-form status updates often receive more views than LinkedIn articles, as they’re seen as more newsworthy and keep users engaged in the platform. Status updates are limited to 1,300 characters (approximately 250 words), so you can spend less time writing and potentially get a better reach. Place any outbound links in the first comment rather than the status update body, just be sure to mention them in your post.

2. Write for mobile viewers

Write for mobile viewing because most users consume content from their smartphones. Make sure your first sentence grabs attention, so readers can’t help but tap “See More.” Also, keep text blocks small with one- to two-sentence paragraphs.

3. Reply to every comment

Reply to every comment and ask commenters to elaborate on their points. Engaging with your audience will increase the likelihood that your update will be seen by second- and third-degree news feeds, especially within the first hour of posting.

4. Use proven templates

Use proven templates, such as list posts on your favorite business books, blogs, podcasts or professional tips. Authentic and heartfelt failure stories, critical professional moments, and valuable career lessons and experiences can provide a personal connection with your followers. Start some Q&A by requesting your network ask you questions about your industry or expertise; these posts often get a lot of interaction.

When it comes to social media, visibility leads to opportunity. These tips can help you get visible fast!

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