How Social Media Can Help You Expand Your Business

How Social Media Can Help You Expand Your Business

3 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Help Grow Your Business

If you aren’t using social media to grow your business, you need to start doing so right away. According to Statista, users on social media are expected to explode to over 3 billion daily active users worldwide by 2021. Not only is social media far-reaching, but it is also a fabulous way to showcase your brand, services, or products. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are solid platforms to post on.

Let’s look at ways to use social media to expand your business.

1. Use Videos

People love to watch and engage with videos. YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there, and it is the perfect way to show virtual real estate listings or product demonstrations. You can put videos on Facebook and even have them on your website.

One of the keys to using video successfully is to make them as personal as possible. People want to engage with other people, so be sure to videotape yourself and be honest and amiable.

2. Add Value

People dislike being oversold on something, and that style of old-school marketing is highly frowned upon in the social media world. Instead of directly asking for a sale, give the prospective buyer something for free.

On your Facebook business page or other platforms, offer a free e-book on your particular expertise. You will be known as an authority on the subject and people will enjoy doing business with you.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags (which we used to call the pound sign), are essential when you are posting content on social media. A strong hashtag helps to make your content easily discovered. Using multiple targeted hashtags can help to increase engagement and expand your audience.

How Can You Use Social Media To Increase Your Business?

There are loads of free tutorials on how to use social media properly, and you can even take online classes to learn tips and tricks for using social media properly to grow your business.

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