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D'Vaughn Bell has written dozens of books over the past decade, ranging from ebooks to publications. He is responsible for writing books such as: Forging A Powerful Mind, Honing A Powerful Mind, Crafting A Powerful Mind, Forex: Trading The Depth of The Market, Invest Now or Suffer Later, Subliminal Influence: Discover The Power of Positive Thinking and Mental Reprogramming, Millennial Leadership: Success With Leading and Managing Our Generation, and Millennial Influence: Excelling in Life and Leading Our Generation.

D'Vaughn Bell has also authored a number of business and motivational audio and video programs.

The expert writer of millennials, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, teaching leadership and communication in today's growing workforce.

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  • D’Vaughn Bell Scholarship

    D’Vaughn Bell Scholarship

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    Global Currenciez

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    Marqui Management

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  • Body By Bell

    Body By Bell

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