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D'Vaughn Bell known as the young businessman, author, patriot, and philanthropist with less time dedicated as an actor, artist and athlete.

With his goals set on the fastest growing markets in the world, D'Vaughn prides himself in building businesses in the fitness, finance, and consulting industries.

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…according to D’Vaughn Marqui Bell, leadership development depends on understanding the minds of those being mentored and adjusting styles accordingly. Bell’s main interest lies in conducting extensive management research and turning concepts into concrete leadership models and theories.

– Forbes

That’s when the company approached Texas-based Marqui Management in search of answers. D’Vaughn Bell understood the challenges of growing a business and filling positions while maintaining a high level of quality. When he started the firm, it was a one-person operation aimed at helping entrepreneurs.

– Hosting Advice


Adopt and realize potential value while addressing the most complex opportunities that are imperative to both personal and business success.


Advanced research tactics combined with reporting metrics to target, teach, and grow the audience in front of the brand/ business or person.


Full-scale coordination, monitoring, and implementation of events led to achieve clearly defined goals, while overcoming adverse objectives.


Innovate, improve, and refine underlying concepts and unique models of the desired idea, brand, or application through research and trials.


The expert writer of millennials, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, teaching leadership and communication in today's growing workforce.

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    D’Vaughn Bell Scholarship

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